What To Expect When Walking In New York City

wet cat


For the tourists, welcome! You’ve made it to your destination. Don’t pull out those perfectly calculated outfits just yet, though, because you still have quite a bit left to travel if you want to get to some of the city’s hot spots!

For the locals, I guess you’re still searching for tips to make your daily travels a little less painful and I hope I can help.

I wanted to share a recent trip I took this past week. It is a pretty trendy spot for tourists and locals alike. I had the opportunity to finally visit the flagship store of Dylan’s Candy Shop in New York City — By “opportunity,” I mean a mandatory field trip. Lucky for me, all that walking was accompanied by lots of rain.

You know the old lady joke that comes with hip pain caused by rain? Turns out, there may be some truth to it. According to the Weather Channel, any change in pressure can trigger joint pain or headaches. Feel sorry for me yet? Well…

As I limped around the city, I bumped into quite a few people without their umbrellas. This wasn’t surprising, but it sparked a question in my head: Why are people not prepared for weather changes? As New Yorkers know, the first snowfall of the season has already hit the ground. This means that snow, hail, rain, storms, and even slightly warmer days are fair game.

My one and most important tip of all is to never, ever, leave home without checking the weather! Literally EVERY morning, with my eyes still halfway shut, I Google: *insert zipcode* weather. I look at temperature, wind, humidity, and precipitation all separately. (Thank you New York City weather for making me so paranoid.)

You do not decide how fashionable or cute you will be today, weather does. By all means, wear the shoes that offer no protection against puddles of rain. But I promise you, you can make the “bumfy” (mix between looking like a bum and dressing comfy) look work for you.

NOTE: The umbrellas sold on the street are as low as $3! I can’t speak for longevity, but if you decide to skip out on the weather app, New York City street sellers got your back.